Medical Legal Case Services

Throughout my nursing career, I have been involved in root-cause analysis processes involving documentation and medication errors. The process of backtracking and investigating intrigues me. Kuchinski and Associates will bring curiosity to learn legal standards and a “win” attitude to your legal team.


Working with Kuchinski and Associates will bring experience and efficiency to your legal team. Certified legal nurse consultants at Kuchinski and Associates have 30 years of experience in the medical and nursing cultures, sifting through paper and electronic medical records (EMRs) for relevant data. The use of certified legal nurse consultants to identify and evaluate injuries or analyze causation issues would be far more superior to paralegals and less costly than medical doctors sifting through medical records.

A solid, relevant, well-researched report can be the difference between winning and losing a case or a larger settlement for your client. The certified legal nurse consultants at Kuchinski and Associates have a combined 30 years of experience in:

  • Medical ICUs
  • Surgical ICUs
  • Cardiac ICUs
  • Orthopedic units
  • Medical-Surgical units
  • Telemetry units
  • Long-term acute care facilities
Legal Nurse Consultant — Medical Legal Case Assistance in Houston, TX
Criminal Cases — Personal Injury Law Book in Houston, TX
The types of cases Kuchinski and Associates utilize expertise on are:

  • General personal injury cases
  • Products liability cases
  • Non-medical device cases
  • Toxic torts and environmental cases
  • Workers compensation and work place injury cases
  • Criminal cases
  • Any case where health, illness, or injury is an issue

Utilizing the tools Kuchinski and Associates have to offer your legal team ranging from well-crafted reports to curb side or brown bag lectures will win your legal cases.