Fee Schedule Information


Basic Retainer Fee $625.00

  • Includes five hours of initial screening or case review/analysis
  • Subject to change depending on volume, time and/or other variables

Initial Screening and Review $125.00/hour

  • Preliminary screening of documents will result in the initial render of opinion
  • Attorney may select verbal or written style of report

All services agreed upon in the fees letter agreement to include but not limited to review, analysis, organize/tab records, summary report writing, chronologies, interviews, depositions, research and any other such work requested by the attorney $125.00/hour

  • Work products will be rendered to the satisfaction of the attorney or it will be redone and resubmitted…fees are non-refundable; additional fees will apply for work not originally requested

Expert witness $150.00/hour

  • Initial screening and case review with a written or verbal opinion

Testifying Expert $250.00/hour

Client-initiated Telephone Conference

  • 15minutes=$0.00
  • 16 minutes-30 minutes=$45.00
  • 31minutes-45minutes=$60.00
  • 46minutes-60minutes=$90.00

Locating an Expert Witness $750.00

  • This is a refundable fee should an appropriate expert not be located
  • Multiple attempts to locate the right expert may be made for said witness at no additional fee
  • Use of same expert for all subsequent cases shall produce a fee to be paid to me $250.00

Travel Time $90.00/hour

  • If travel time is greater than 1 hour

Defensive Medical Exams (DME) $450.00

Miscellaneous and Incidentals

  • Fees as incurred
* Please note: Fees are subject to change without prior notice