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If you are building your personal injury case and you need expert medical advice, turn to Kuchinski & Associates, Legal Nurse Consultant. We will work with you to help fortify your case!
The Question is:

Which CLNC Services will win legal cases?

The Answer: All 33 CLNC services! With 1,819,134 attorneys in the United State in 2016 and a court system that is backlogged, Kuchinski & Associates, Legal Nurse Consultant is needed to streamline successful outcomes for legal cases. Mastery of both medical/nursing and legal aspects are critical to winning legal cases.
Forensic Nurse — A Client Talking with the Forensic Nurse in Houston, TX

About Angela Kuchinski, RN

Legal Nurse Consultant — Angela Kuchinski in Houston, TX
I can put that kind of mastery to work for your legal practice. My extensive nursing background includes 30 years in medical, surgical, and cardiac intensive care units, orthopedic units, telemetry, and long-term acute care facilities. My varied career has given me firsthand experience with many of the issues you face in your medical related cases. I have knowledge of the inner-workings of hospitals, long-term care facilities, paper charting, electronic medical records (EMRs), staffing, and policies/procedures. I am also a forensic nurse.


  • NACLNC - National Alliance of Certified Legal Nurse Consultants
  • IAFN - International Association of Forensic Nurses
  • AACN - American Association of Critical Care Nurses


  • CCRN - Certification for Adult Critical Care Nurses
  • ACLS - Advanced Cardiac Life Support
  • BLS - Basic Life Support
  • TNCC - Trauma Neuro Critical Care
  • PALS - Pediatric Advanced Life Support
  • CLNC - Certified Legal Nurse Consultant

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"I have been working with legal nurse consultants for over twenty years and cannot imagine practicing personal injury law without them. Legal nurse consultants at our law firm play critical roles in virtually every type of personal injury case, including motor vehicle accidents, product liability, and medical malpractice cases. For all personal injury cases, they are able to identify, organize, and summarize, the medical records, identify and evaluate the injuries, analyze causation issues, and assist with the medical portions of discovery responses. For the malpractice cases, they are also able to do research regarding the applicable standard of care. In our experience, the more complex the case, the more the legal nurse consultant can contribute... "

- Brain Zorn, Esq., Faraci, Lange, L.L.P.